We produce solutions and quality designs that inspire educational institutions

BUSERLAB brand, which has been founded in 2014 within BÜROSEREN, is one of our brands, established with a service field and direction completely for serving sectorally for educational institutions. Even, at its foundation, the brand has fulfilled its responsibilities within its parent company and begun its incorporation process. Our brand has participated in all fairs and symposiums of the education sector up to now and it has been mentioned with its stand. As the members of this brand, we believe that the people of our country deserve modern, ergonomica and advanced technology in educational instruments and laboratory systems more than anyone. Therefore, we always consider it is useful to remind this slogan...

One or other day, all our institutions will be using the latest technolofy and we all enjoy it. Because, we have worked very hard, spent effors, shown patience and most importantly believed during the course from branding, promotion and incorporation. Our purpose is to continue our progress by considering the criticisms, requests and opinions of our Educational institutions and their esteemed executies with great efforts for our brand to come to this point. We thank to all our members of staff and all institution authorities on this path...

Our Mission

Promoting modern equipped education instruments and laboratory systems we present under our brand to all institutions in the education sector and enabling them to take adavantage from developments in the global world and by this way, with our institutions, staying on this orbit for the food of our country.

Our Vision

Following sectoral developments in the world, leading structure, structural management and research and development activities of our sector and becoming a continuously followed firm. While, doing all these, maintaining satisfaction of institutions as our most important source at maximum level.